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It is not just a slogan. We mean it. And this can be seen in a number of good colleagues who, not only during working hours, but also in their spare time, dealing with cars in one way or another.

Harry Lindberg is one of them. You can read more about Harry below – Harry works as a Key Account Manager in our export department.


“It started with a Porsche….”

“As a 4-year-old I got a Porsche model car. That sparked my interest in cars - and physics.” This is how Harry Lindberg explains, from where he has his passion for renovating and maintaining cars. And generally his interest in both 4 and 2 wheelers.

As a 22-year-old, Harry was educated as an auto-electrician - at Bosch. He has been employed by Bosch / Holger Christiansen A/S for in total almost 20 years. Most years as a sales person. First area manager and today Key Account Manager in our export department with responsibility for North America, Nordic, Czech Republic, Estonia, Asia, and Australia.

When he is not traveling visiting customors or working in the office in the headquater in Esbjerg (Denmark), much of his spare time is spent in the garage at his home in Bramming. Here both cars and motorcycles are renovated and serviced. Harry's classic carpark includes:

  • A Mercedes 190 E 2.0 Petrol W201 from 1983 and
  • A Mercedes 280 S, W108 from 1969 (double zenith carburetor, 6 cylinder)

Harry has a preference for Mercedes: “They have always had a head start on the technical side. My affection for older cars is because it is more fun - and easier. Even though it has become more difficult to get the right tools. In principle, they can be fixed with a screwdriver, while modern cars require a completely different equipment. And you cannot see what is wrong or why, but are told by a computer. It's not particularly charming. ”

“And then it's nice to ‘mess around’ with it. And I have also involve my children. We enjoy the fellowship it provides. My eldest daughter even changed the horn in the 280s, and my son helped with wiring, contacts and connections when we repaired the electric seats. "

In addition to the 2 black "Mercers", there is also a Yamaha motorcycle (XJ650, 1980, 4 cylinders) which has one of the only turbocharged engines. It has been completely taken apart and rebuilt from scratch. “To finish off the back end, I cut out the old front fender and welded it on. Then the LED headlights were mounted behind it, all painted in F1 Lotus color from the 1970s and then a "Café racing jacket" and a seat. " (see pictures below)

In total, the 3 vehicles have a total age of 125 years (almost as many as the Bosch Group has existed).

The next project is waiting and it will be a major renovation of the Mercedes 280. So far, it has only just been maintained with the necessary things. Among other things. Exhaust pipe and brakes and a Bosch Classic ignition system etc. “But now rust has to be made and then it needs painting. And then I dream of a Jaguar. English cars more "complicated" and this triggers me ... - also it must of course be a manual  transmission car - NOT automatic. There must be some work to do when you are driving a car”, Harry concludes with a smile on his lips.