Wiper blades

Challenges for the windshield in summer:

Hours of heat exposure, summer thunderstorms, ozone pollution, UV radiation and pollution due to dust cause poor visibility. Insects' hard chitin shells cause cracks in the squeegee rubber. The result is streaks.

HC-CARGO FLEXfit Wiper Blades:

Perfect cleaning through:

  • Extra-hard, wear-resistant synthetic rubber squeegee edge prevents porosity of the rubber
  • Particular resistance to heat deformation
  • High tested dimensional stability under UV and ozone exposure

Our HC-CARGO Windshield tip:

Maintain a clear view by regularly cleaning the window and the squeegee of insects, resins and pollen with a fly sponge.


Everything is OK!

Minor defects – change wiper blades within 4 weeks

Change wiper blades immediately!